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Denmark Airport Locator

Denmark Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Vojens, Airports in Krusa / Padborg, Airports in Herning, Airports in Esbjerg, Airports in Bornholm / Ronne, Airports in Copenhagen / Kastrup, Airports in Karup / Herning, Airports in Thisted / Hanstholm, Airports in Spjald, Airports in Randers

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
Aalborg / Norresundby Domestic Aalborg Airport / Aalborg Air Base EKYT AAL
Aarhus (arhu) / Kolind Domestic Aarhus Airport EKAH AAR
Aars Domestic Aars Airport EKVH
Billund Domestic Billund Airport EKBI BLL
Bornholm / Ronne Domestic Bornholm Airport EKRN RNN
Copenhagen / Kastrup Domestic Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup EKCH CPH
Copenhagen / Roskilde Domestic Copenhagen Airport, Roskilde EKRK RKE
Esbjerg Domestic Esbjerg Airport EKEB EBJ
Hadsund Domestic Hadsund Airport EKHS
Herning Domestic Herning Airport EKHG
Kalundborg Domestic Kalundborg Airport EKKL
Karup / Herning Domestic Karup Airport / Karup Air Base EKKA KRP
Kolding / Vamdrup Domestic Kolding Airport (Vamdrup Airport) EKVD VDP
Krusa / Padborg Domestic Krusa-Padborg Airport EKPB
Laeso (Laeso) Domestic Laeso Airport EKLS BYR
Lemvig Domestic Lemvig Airport EKLV
Lolland Falster / Maribo Domestic Lolland Falster Airport (Maribo Airport) EKMB MRW
Morso (Mor) Domestic Morso Airport, Todso EKNM
Odense Domestic Odense Airport EKOD ODE
Randers Domestic Randers Airport EKRD
Ringsted Domestic Ringsted Airport EKRS
Samso Domestic Samso Airport EKSS
Sindal Domestic Sindal Airport EKSN CNL
Skive Domestic Skive Airport EKSV SQW
Skjern / Ringkobing Domestic Stauning Airport (Vestjyllands Airport) EKVJ STA
Sonderborg Domestic Sonderborg Airport EKSB SGD
Spjald Domestic Spjald Airport EKSD
Svendborg / Tasinge Domestic Sydfyn Airport, Tasinge EKST
Thisted / Hanstholm Domestic Thisted Airport EKTS TED
Tonder Domestic Tonder Airport EKTD
Viborg Domestic Viborg Airport EKVB
Vojens Domestic Vojens Airport / Skrydstrup Air Base EKSP SKS