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Finland Airport Locator

Finland Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Vaasa, Airports in Kumlinge, Airports in Hameenkyro, Airports in Inari, Airports in Kauhava, Airports in Kiuruvesi, Airports in Turku, Airports in Kivijarvi, Airports in Hanko (Hang), Airports in Vihti

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
Ahmosuo Domestic Ahmosuo Airsite (general aviatio) EFAH
Alavus Domestic Alavus Airsite (general aviatio) EFAL
Enontekio Domestic Enontekio Airport EFET ENF
Eura Domestic Eura Airport EFEU
Forssa Domestic Forssa Airport EFFO
Hameenkyro Domestic Hameenkyro Airport EFHM
Hanko (Hang) Domestic Hanko Airport (Hango Airport) EFHN
Helsinki Domestic Helsinki-Malmi Airport (general aviation Airport) EFHF HEM
Hyvinkaa Domestic Hyvinkaa Airport EFHV HYV
Iisalmi Domestic Iisalmi Airport EFII
Immola Domestic Immola Airport EFIM
Inari Domestic Ivalo Airport EFIV IVL
Jamijarvi Domestic Jamijarvi Airport EFJM
Joensuu / Liperi Domestic Joensuu Airport EFJO JOE
Jyvaskylan maalaiskunta Domestic Jyvaskyla Airport EFJY JYV
Kajaani Domestic Kajaani Airport EFKI KAJ
Kalajoki Domestic Kalajoki Airport EFKO
Kauhajoki Domestic Kauhajoki Airport EFKJ KHJ
Kauhava Domestic Kauhava Airport EFKA KAU
Kemi / Tornio Domestic Kemi-Tornio Airport EFKE KEM
Kemijarvi Domestic Kemijarvi Airport EFKM
Kiikala Domestic Kiikala Airport EFIK
Kitee Domestic Kitee Airport EFIT KTQ
Kittila Domestic Kittila Airport EFKT KTT
Kiuruvesi Domestic Kiuruvesi Airport EFRV
Kivijarvi Domestic Kivijarvi Airport EFKV
Kokkola / Kruunupyy Domestic Kruunupyy Airport (Kokkola/Pietarsaari Airport) EFKK KOK
Kumlinge Domestic Kumlinge Airport EFKG
Kuopio / Siilinjarvi Domestic Kuopio Airport EFKU KUO
Kuusamo Domestic Kuusamo Airport EFKS KAO
Kymi Domestic Kymi Airport EFKY
Lahti Domestic Vesivehmaa Airport EFLA
Lappeenranta Domestic Lappeenranta Airport EFLP LPP
Mariehamn Domestic Mariehamn Airport EFMA MHQ
Menkijarvi Domestic Menkijarvi Airport EFME
Mikkeli Domestic Mikkeli Airport EFMI MIK
Oulu / Oulunsalo Domestic Oulu Airport EFOU OUL
Pieksamaki Domestic Pieksamaki Airport EFPK
Piikajarvi Domestic Piikajarvi Airport EFPI
Pori Domestic Pori Airport EFPO POR
Pudasjarvi Domestic Pudasjarvi Airport EFPU
Punkaharju Domestic Punkaharju Airport EFPN
Pyhasalmi Domestic Pyhasalmi Airport EFPY
Raahe Domestic Pattijoki Airport EFRH
Rantasalmi Domestic Rantasalmi Airport EFRN
Ranua Domestic Ranua Airport EFRU
Rayskala Domestic Rayskala Airport EFRY
Rovaniemi ? Domestic Rovaniemi Airport EFRO RVN
Savonlinna Domestic Savonlinna Airport EFSA SVL
Seinajoki / Ilmajoki Domestic Seinajoki Airport EFIL SJY
Selanpaa Domestic Selanpaa Airport EFSE
Sodankyla Domestic Sodankyla Airport EFSO SOT
Tampere / Pirkkala Domestic Tampere-Pirkkala Airport EFTP TMP
Teisko Domestic Teisko Airport EFTS
Turku Domestic Turku Airport EFTU TKU
Vaasa Domestic Vaasa Airport EFVA VAA
Vantaa Domestic Helsinki-Vantaa Airport EFHK HEL
Varkaus / Joroinen Domestic Varkaus Airport EFVR VRK
Vihti Domestic Nummela Airport EFNU
Ylivieska Domestic Ylivieska Airport EFYL YLI