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Germany Airport Locator

Germany Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Lubeck, Airports in Weeze, Airports in Mainz, Airports in Paderborn / Lippstadt, Airports in Dusseldorf, Airports in Siegen, Airports in Heligoland, Airports in Nuremberg, Airports in Aachen, Airports in Heist

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
Aachen Domestic Aachen-Merzbruck Airport EDKA AAH
Altenburg Domestic Altenburg-Nobitz Airport EDAC AOC
Baden-Baden/Karlsruhe Domestic Baden Airpark EDSB FKB
Bayreuth Domestic Bindlacher Berg Airport (Bayreuth Airport) EDQD BYU
Berlin International Tempelhof International Airport (closing i) EDDI THF
Berlin International Tegel International Airport (closing i) EDDT TXL
Berlin International Berlin-Schonefeld International Airport EDDB SXF
Borkum Domestic Borkum Airport EDWR BMK
Braunschweig Domestic Braunschweig Airport EDVE BWE
Bremen Domestic Bremen Airport EDDW BRE
Bremerhaven Domestic Bremerhaven Airport EDWB BRV
Cologne Domestic Cologne Bonn Airport EDDK CGN
Dortmund Domestic Dortmund Airport EDLW DTM
Dresden Domestic Dresden Airport EDDC DRS
Dusseldorf International Dusseldorf International Airport EDDL DUS
Emden Domestic Emden Airport EDWE EME
Erfurt Domestic Erfurt Airport EDDE ERF
Frankfurt am Main International Frankfurt International Airport EDDF FRA
Friedrichshafen Domestic Friedrichshafen Airport EDNY FDH
Greven International Munster Osnabruck International Airport EDDG FMO
Hahn Domestic Frankfurt-Hahn Airport EDFH HHN
Hamburg Domestic Hamburg Airport EDDH HAM
Hanover International Hanover/Langenhagen International Airport EDDV HAJ
Heide Domestic Heide-Busum Airport EDQO HEI
Heist Domestic Uetersen Airport EDHE
Heligoland Domestic Helgoland Airport EDXH HGL
Hof Domestic Hof-Plauen Airport EDQM HOQ
Kassel Domestic Kassel Calden Airport EDVK KSF
Kiel Domestic Kiel Holtenau Airport EDHK KEL
Leipzig Domestic Leipzig/Halle Airport EDDP LEJ
Lubeck Domestic Lubeck Airport EDHL LBC
Mainz Domestic Mainz-Finthen EDFZ
Mannheim Domestic Mannheim City Airport EDFM MHG
Memmingen Domestic Memmingen Airport EDJA FMM
Monchengladbach Domestic Dusseldorf-Monchengladbach Airport EDLN MGL
Munich International Munich International Airport EDDM MUC
Nuremberg Domestic Nuremberg Airport EDDN NUE
Paderborn / Lippstadt Domestic Paderborn Lippstadt Airport EDLP PAD
Rechlin Domestic Rechlin-Larz Airfield EDAX
Rostock Domestic Rostock Laage Airport ETNL RLG
Saarbrucken Domestic Saarbrucken Airport EDDR SCN
Siegen Domestic Siegerland Airport EDGS SGE
Stuttgart Domestic Stuttgart Echterdingen Airport EDDS STR
Weeze Domestic Airport Weeze/Niederrhein Airport EDLV NRN
Westerland, Sylt Domestic Sylt Airport EDXW GWT
Zweibrucken Domestic Zweibrucken Airport EDRZ ZQW