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Iceland Airport Locator

Iceland Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Nor?fjor?ur, Airports in Siglufjor?ur, Airports in Stykkisholmur, Airports in Sau?arkrokur, Airports in Vestmannaeyjar, Airports in Sy?ralon, Airports in isafjor?ur, Airports in Vopnafjor?ur, Airports in Blonduos, Airports in Egilssta?ir

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
?ingeyri Domestic ?ingeyri Airport BITE TEY
?orshofn Domestic Thorshofn Airport BITH THO
Akureyri Domestic Akureyri Airport BIAR AEY
Blonduos Domestic Blonduos Airport BIBL BLO
Egilssta?ir Domestic Egilssta?ir Airport BIEG EGS
Grimsey Domestic Grimsey Airport BIGR GRY
Hofn Domestic Hornafjor?ur Airport BIHN HFN
Husavik Domestic Husavik Airport BIHU HZK
isafjor?ur Domestic isafjor?ur Airport BIIS IFJ
Keflavik International Keflavik International Airport BIKF KEF
Nor?fjor?ur Domestic Nor?fjor?ur Airport BINF NOR
Patreksfjor?ur Domestic Patreksfjor?ur Airport BIPA PFJ
Raufarhofn Domestic Raufarhofn Airport BIRG RFN
Reykjavik Domestic Reykjavik Airport BIRK RKV
Sau?anes Domestic Sau?anes Airport BITH THO
Sau?arkrokur Domestic Alexander Airport BIKR SAK
Siglufjor?ur Domestic Siglufjordur Airport BISI SIJ
Stykkisholmur Domestic Stykkisholmur Airport BIST SYK
Sy?ralon Domestic Sy?ralonn Airport BITN
Vestmannaeyjar Domestic Vestmannaeyjar Airport BIVM VEY
Vopnafjor?ur Domestic Vopnafjor?ur Airport BIVO VPN