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Iraq Airport Locator

Iraq Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Mosul, Airports in Al Kut, Airports in Kirkuk, Airports in Bashur, Airports in Jalibah, Airports in Umm Qasr, Airports in Al Bakr, Airports in , Airports in Tikrit, Airports in Muthana

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
Domestic Qasr Tall Airport ORQT
Domestic An Numaniyah Airport ORAN
Domestic Al Iskandariyah Airport ORAI
Al Bakr Domestic Balad Southeast Airport ORBD
Al Kut Domestic Ubaydah Bin Al Jarrah Airport ORUB
Baghdad International Baghdad International Airport ORBI SDA
Bashur Domestic Bashur Airport ORBR
Basrah International Basrah International Airport ORMM BSR
Erbil (Hewle) International Erbil International Airport ORER EBL
Jalibah Domestic Jalibah Southeast Airport ORJA
Kirkuk Domestic Kirkuk Airport ORKK
Mosul International Mosul International Airport ORBM OSB
Muthana International Muthana International Airport OR?? BGW
Qayyarah Domestic Qayyarah West Airport ORQW
Sulaimaniyah (Sileman), Iraqi Kurdistan International Sulaimaniyah International Airport ORSU OSO
Tikrit Domestic Tikrit East Airport ORTK
Tikrit Domestic Tikrit South Airport ORTS
Umm Qasr Domestic Umm Qasr Airport ORUQ