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Lithuania Airport Locator

Lithuania Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Vilnius, Airports in Paluknys / Vilnius, Airports in seduva / siauliai, Airports in Akmene, Airports in Palanga, Airports in silute, Airports in Zarasai, Airports in Kedainiai, Airports in Utena, Airports in Kyviskes

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
Akmene Domestic Akmene Airport (Akmene Aero Clu) EYNA
Alytus Domestic Alytus Airport (Alytus Aero Clu) EYAL
Barysiai Domestic Barysiai Airport (Aerodrome Barysia) (CIV/MI) EYSB HLJ
Birzai Domestic Birzai Airport (Birzai Aero Clu) EYBI
Druskininkai Domestic Druskininkai Airport EYDR
Jurbarkas Domestic Jurbarkas Airport EYJB
Kartena / Klaipeda Domestic Kartena Airport (Klaipeda Glider Clu) EYKT
Kaunas Domestic S Darius and S Girenas Airport EYKS
Kaunas Domestic Kaunas/Gamykla Airport (Kaunas State Aviation Enterpris) EYKG
Kaunas International Kaunas International Airport EYKA KUN
Kazlu Ruda Domestic Kazlu Ruda Airport (MI) EYKR
Kedainiai Domestic Kedainiai Airport EYKD
Klaipeda Domestic Klaipeda Airport EYKL KLJ
Kyviskes Domestic Kyviskes Airfield (MI) EYVK
Moletai Domestic Moletai Airport (Moletai Aero Clu) EYMO
Nemirseta Domestic Nemirseta Airport EYNE
Nida Domestic Nida Airport EYND
Palanga International Palanga International Airport EYPA PLQ
Paluknys / Vilnius Domestic Paluknys Airport (Vilnius Aero Clu) EYVP
Panevezys Domestic Panevezys Airport (Panevezys Aero Clu) EYPN
Panevezys Domestic Panevezys Air Base (Pajuosti) EYPP PNV
Panevezys / Istra Domestic Panevezys/Istra Airport (Aerodromas Istr) EYPI
Pikeliskes Domestic Pikeliskes Airport EYPK
Poci?nai / Kaunas Domestic Poci?nai Airport (Kaunas Parachute Clu) EYPR
R?diskes Domestic R?diskes Airport EYRD
Roj?nai Domestic Roj?nai Airport EYRO
Rokiskis Domestic Rokiskis Airport EYRK
Rukla / Jonava Domestic Rukla Airport (Jonava Airport) EYRU
Sasnava Domestic Sasnava Airport (Marijampole Aero Clu) EYMM
seduva / siauliai Domestic seduva Airport (siauliai Aero Clu) EYSE
siauliai International siauliai International Airport (CIV/MI) EYSA SQQ
silute Domestic silute Airport (MI) EYSI
Telsiai Domestic Telsiai Airport (Telsiai Aero Clu) EYTL
Tirksliai / Mazeikiai Domestic Tirksliai Airport (Mazeikiai Aviation Sport Clu) EYMA
Utena Domestic Utena Airport (Utena Aero Clu) EYUT
Vilnius International Vilnius International Airport EYVI VNO
Zarasai Domestic Zarasai Airport (Zarasai Aero Clu) EYZA
zekiskes Domestic zekiskes Airport EYZE