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New Caledonia Airport Locator

New Caledonia Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Touho, Airports in Ile Ouen, Airports in Noumea / Magenta, Airports in Canala, Airports in Koumac, Airports in Ile des Pins / Moue, Airports in La Foa / Oua Tom, Airports in Mare / La Roche, Airports in Lifou / Ouanaham, Airports in Ouvea / Ouloup

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
Bourail / Poe Domestic Bourail - Poe Airport NWWB
Canala Domestic Canala Airport NWWX
Houa?lou Domestic Nesson Airport NWWH HLU
Ile Art / Waala Domestic Ile Art - Waala Airport (Belep Islands Airport) NWWC BMY
Ile des Pins / Moue Domestic Ile des Pins Airport NWWE ILP
Ile Ouen Domestic Ile Ouen/Edmond Cane Airport NWWO IOU
Kone Domestic Kone Airport NWWD KNQ
Koumac Domestic Koumac Airport NWWK KOC
La Foa / Oua Tom Domestic La Foa - Oua Tom Airport NWWT
Lifou / Ouanaham Domestic Lifou Airport NWWL LIF
Mare / La Roche Domestic Mare Airport NWWR MEE
Mueo Domestic Mueo/Nickel Airport NWWQ PDC
Noumea / La Tontouta International Noumea - La Tontouta International Airport NWWW NOU
Noumea / Magenta Domestic Noumea - Magenta Airport NWWM GEA
Ouvea / Ouloup Domestic Ouvea Airport NWWV UVE
Poum / Malabou Domestic Poum - Malabou Airport NWWP PUV
Tiga Domestic Tiga Airport NWWA TGJ
Touho Domestic Touho Airport NWWU TOU