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Norway Airport Locator

Norway Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Sandefjord, Airports in Alta, Airports in Fagernes, Airports in Sveagruva, Airports in Kjeller, Airports in Kristiansund, Airports in Batsfjord, Airports in orsta / Volda, Airports in Hammerfest, Airports in Floro

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
alesund Domestic alesund Airport, Vigra ENAL AES
Alta Domestic Alta Airport ENAT ALF
Andenes Domestic Andoya Airport, Andenes ENAN ANX
Arendal Domestic Gullknapp Airport, Arendal ENGK
Bardufoss Domestic Bardufoss Airport ENDU BDU
Batsfjord Domestic Batsfjord Airport ENBS BJF
Bergen Domestic Bergen Airport, Flesland ENBR BGO
Berlevag Domestic Berlevag Airport ENBV BVG
Bodo Domestic Bodo Airport ENBO BOO
Bronnoysund Domestic Bronnoysund Airport, Bronnoy ENBN BNN
Elverum Domestic Elverum Airport, Starmoen ENHN
Evenes Domestic Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes ENEV EVE
Fagernes Domestic Fagernes Airport, Leirin ENFG VDB
Farsund Domestic Farsund Airport, Lista ENLI FAN
Floro Domestic Floro Airport ENFL FRO
Forde Domestic Forde Airport, Bringeland ENBL FDE
Fyresdal Domestic Fyresdal Airport ENFY
Geilo Domestic Geilo Airport, Dagali ENDI DLD
Gol Domestic Gol Airport, Klanten ENKL GLL
Hamar Domestic Hamar Airport, Stafsberg ENHA HMR
Hammerfest Domestic Hammerfest Airport ENHF HFT
Hasvik Domestic Hasvik Airport ENHK HAA
Hattfjelldal Domestic Hattfjelldal Airport ENHT
Haugesund Domestic Haugesund Airport, Karmoy ENHD HAU
Hokksund Domestic Hokksund Airport ENHS
Honefoss Domestic Honefoss Airport, Eggemoen ENEG
Honningsvag Domestic Honningsvag Airport, Valan ENHV HVG
Jan Mayen Domestic Jan Mayensfield ENJA
Kautokeino Domestic Kautokeino Airport ENKA QKX
Kirkenes Domestic Kirkenes Airport, Hoybuktmoen ENKR KKN
Kjeller Domestic Kjeller Airport ENKJ
Kristiansand Domestic Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik ENCN KRS
Kristiansund Domestic Kristiansund Airport, Kvernberget ENKB KSU
Lakselv Domestic Lakselv Airport, Banak ENNA LKL
Leirvik Domestic Stord Airport, Sorstokken ENSO SRP
Leknes Domestic Leknes Airport ENLK LKN
Longyearbyen Domestic Svalbard Airport, Longyear ENSB LYR
Mehamn Domestic Mehamn Airport ENMH MEH
Mo i Rana Domestic Mo i Rana Airport, Rossvoll ENRA MQN
Molde Domestic Molde Airport, aro ENML MOL
Mosjoen Domestic Mosjoen Airport, Kjaerstad ENMS MJF
Moss Domestic Moss Airport, Rygge ENRY RYG
Moss Domestic Moss Airport, Rygge ENRY RYG
Namsos Domestic Namsos Airport, Hoknesora ENNM OSY
Narvik Domestic Narvik Airport, Framnes ENNK NVK
Notodden Domestic Notodden Airport, Tuven ENNO NTB
Ny-alesund Domestic Ny-alesund Airport, Hamnerabben ENAS
Oppdal Domestic Oppdal Airport, Fagerhaug ENOP
orland Domestic orland Main Air Station ENOL OLA
orsta / Volda Domestic orsta-Volda Airport, Hovden ENOV HOV
Oslo / Fornebu Domestic Oslo Airport, Fornebu (close) ENFB FBU
Oslo / Gardermoen Domestic Oslo Airport, Gardermoen ENGM OSL
Rakkestad Domestic Rakkestad Airport, astorp ENRK
Reinsvoll Domestic Reinsvoll Airport ENRV
Ringebu Domestic Ringebu Airport, Frya ENRI
Roros Domestic Roros Airport ENRO RRS
Rorvik Domestic Rorvik Airport, Ryum ENRM RVK
Rost Domestic Rost Airport ENRS RET
Sandane Domestic Sandane Airport, Anda ENSD SDN
Sandefjord Domestic Sandefjord Airport, Torp ENTO TRF
Sandnessjoen Domestic Sandnessjoen Airport, Stokka ENST SSJ
Skien Domestic Skien Airport, Geiteryggen ENSN SKE
Sogndal Domestic Sogndal Airport, Haukasen ENSG SOG
Sorkjosen, Nordreisa Domestic Sorkjosen Airport ENSR SOJ
Stavanger Domestic Stavanger Airport, Sola ENZV SVG
Stokmarknes Domestic Stokmarknes Airport, Skagen ENSK SKN
Sunndalsora Domestic Sunndalsora Airport, Vinnu ENSU
Sveagruva Domestic Svea Airport ENSA
Svolvaer Domestic Svolvaer Airport, Helle ENSH SVJ
Tonsberg Domestic Jarlsberg Airport (Tonsberg Airport) ENJB
Tromso Domestic Tromso Airport, Langnes ENTC TOS
Trondheim Domestic Trondheim Airport, Vaernes ENVA TRD
Tynset Domestic Tynset Airport ENTY
Vadso Domestic Vadso Airport ENVD VDS
Vaeroy Domestic Vaeroy Heliport ENVR VRY
Vardo Domestic Vardo Airport, Svartnes ENSS VAW
Voss Domestic Voss Airport, Bomoen ENBM