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Papua New Guinea Airport Locator

Papua New Guinea Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Lake Murray, Airports in Londolovit, Lihir Island, Airports in Jacquinot Bay, Airports in Vanimo, Airports in Nissan Island, Airports in Tokua, Airports in Suki, Airports in Itokama, Airports in Port Moresby, Airports in Aiyura

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
Aiyura Domestic Aiyura Airport AYU
Alotau Domestic Gurney Airport AYGN GUR
Awaba Domestic Awaba Airport AWB
Baimuru Domestic Baimuru Airport VMU
Balimo Domestic Balimo Airport OPU
Buka Domestic Buka Airport AYBK BUA
Daru Domestic Daru Airport AYDU DAU
Gasmata Domestic Gasmata Airport GMI
Goroka Domestic Goroka Airport AYGA GKA
Hivaro Domestic Hivaro Airport HIT
Hoskins Domestic Hoskins Airport AYHK HKN
Ihu Domestic Ihu Airport IHU
Itokama Domestic Itokama Airport ITK
Jacquinot Bay Domestic Jacquinot Bay Airport JAQ
Kamusi Domestic Kamusi Airport KUY
Kandrian Domestic Kandrian Airport KDR
Kavieng Domestic Kavieng Airport AYKV KVG
Kerema Domestic Kerema Airport AYKM KMA
Kieta Domestic Kieta Aropa Airport AYKT KIE
Kikori Domestic Kikori Airport AYKK KRI
Kiriwina Domestic Losuia Airport AYKA LSA
Kiunga Domestic Kiunga Airport AYKI UNG
Kokoda Domestic Kokoda Airport KKD
Kunaye Domestic Kunaye Airport AYKY
Kundiawa Domestic Chimbu Airport AYCH CMU
Lae Domestic Lae Nadzab Airport AYLA LAE
Lake Murray Domestic Lake Murray Airport LMY
Londolovit, Lihir Island Domestic Lihir Island Airport LNV
Madang Domestic Madang Airport AYMD MAG
Manguna Domestic Nadzab Airport AYNZ MFO
Manus Island Domestic Momote Airport AYMO MAS
Mendi Domestic Mendi Airport AYMN MDU
Misima Domestic Misima Airport AYMS MIS
Moro Domestic Moro Airport AYMR MXH
Mount Hagen Domestic Mount Hagen Airport AYMH HGU
Namatanai Domestic Namatanai Airport ATN
Nissan Island Domestic Nissan Island Airport IIS
Obo Domestic Obo Airport OBX
Popondetta Domestic Girua Airport AYGR PNP
Port Moresby International Port Moresby/Jackson International Airport AYPY POM
Rabaul Domestic Rabaul Airport AYRB RAB
Suki Domestic Suki Airport SKC
Tabubil Domestic Tabubil Airport AYTB TBG
Tadji Domestic Aitape Airport TAJ
Talasea Domestic Talasea Airport TLW
Tari Domestic Tari Airport AYTA TIZ
Tokua Domestic Tokua Airport AYTK
Tufi Domestic Tufi Airport TFI
Vanimo Domestic Vanimo Airport AYVN VAI
Wanigela Domestic Wanigela Airport AGL
Wapenamanda Domestic Wapenamanda Airport AYWD WBM
Wewak International Wewak International Airport AYWK WWK
Wipim Domestic Wipim Airport WPM
Woitape Domestic Woitape Airport WTP