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Russia Airport Locator

Russia Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Kogalym, Airports in Ulan-Ude, Airports in Ufa, Airports in Khatanga, Airports in Chelyabinsk, Airports in Plesetsk, Airports in Khabarovsk, Airports in Irkutsk, Airports in Kemerovo, Airports in Omsk

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
Abakan Domestic Abakan Airport ABA
Amderma Domestic Amderma Airport UEAA ADH
Anadyr Domestic Ugolny Airport UHMA DYR
Anapa Domestic Vityazevo Airport URKA AAQ
Arkhangelsk Domestic Talagi Airport ULAA ARH
Arkhangelsk Domestic Vaskovo Airport ULAH
Astrakhan Domestic Astrakhan Airport URWA ASF
Barnaul Domestic Barnaul Airport UNBB BAX
Bashkortostan Domestic Ufa Maximovka Airport UWUM
Belgorod Domestic Belgorod Airport UUOB EGO
Blagoveschensk Domestic Ignatyevo Airport UHBB BQS
Bratsk Domestic Bratsk Airport UIBB BTK
Bugulma Domestic Bugulma Airport UWKB UUA
Cheboksary Domestic Cheboksary Airport UWKS CSY
Chelyabinsk Domestic Chelyabinsk Balandino Airport USCC CEK
Chelyabinsk Domestic Chelyabinsk Shagol Airport USCG
Cherepovets Domestic Cherepovets Airport ULWC
Cherskiy Domestic Chersky Airport UESS
Chita Domestic Kadala Airport UIAA HTA
Chokurdah Domestic Chokurdah Airport UESO
Elista Domestic Elista Airport URWI ESL
Igarka Domestic Igarka Airport UOII IAA
Irkutsk International Irkutsk International Airport UIII IKT
Irkutsk Domestic Irkutsk Northwest Airport
Kaliningrad Domestic Kaliningrad Devau Airport
Kaliningrad Domestic Khrabrovo Airport UMKK KGD
Kazan Domestic Kazan Airport UWKD KZN
Kazan Domestic Kazan Borisoglebskoye UWKG
Kemerovo Domestic Kemerovo Airport UNNE KEJ
Khabarovsk Domestic Novy Airport UHHH KHV
Khatanga Domestic Khatanga Airport UOHH
Kogalym Domestic Kogalym Airport USRK KGP
Kolomna Domestic Lukhovitsy Tretyakovo Airport UUMT
Kotlas Domestic Kotlas Airport ULKK KSZ
Krasnodar Domestic Pashkovsky Airport URKK KRR
Krasnoyarsk Domestic Krasnoyarsk Airport UNKL KJA
Kurgan Domestic Kurgan Airport USUU
Kursk Domestic Kursk Airport URS
Kyzyl Domestic Kyzyl Airport UNKY KYZ
Lipetsk Domestic Lipetsk Airport UUOL LPK
Magadan Domestic Magadan UHMT
Magadan Domestic Sokol Airport UHMM GDX
Magan Domestic Yakutsk Magan Airport UEMM
Magnitogorsk Domestic Magnitogorsk Airport USCM MQF
Makhachkala Domestic Uytash Airport
Mineralnye Vody Domestic Mineralnye Vody Airport URML MCX
Mirny Domestic Mirny Airport UERR MJZ
Moscow Domestic Airport Myachkovo UNKS
Moscow Domestic Bykovo Airport UUBB BKA
Moscow International Domodedovo International Airport UUDD DME
Moscow Domestic Khodinka Airport
Moscow International Ostafievo International Airport UUMO
Moscow International Sheremetyevo International Airport UUEE SVO
Moscow Domestic Vnukovo Airport UUWW VKO
Moskovskaya Domestic Tushino Airfield UUUS
Murmansk Domestic Murmansk Airport ULMM MMK
Nalchik Domestic Nalchik Airport URMN NAL
Naryan-Mar Domestic Naryan-Mar Airport ULAM NNM
Neryungri Domestic Neryungri Airport NER
Nizhny Novgorod Domestic Strigino Airport UWGG GOJ
Norilsk Domestic Norilsk Alykel Airport UOOO NSK
Norilsk Domestic Norilsk Valek Airport UOOW
Novokuznetsk Domestic Novokuznetsk Spichenkovo Airport UNWW NOZ
Novosibirsk Domestic Novosibirsk Elitsovka Airport UNNE
Novosibirsk Domestic Novosibirsk Severny Airport UNCC
Novosibirsk Domestic Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport UNNT OVB
Novy Urengoy Domestic Novy Urengoy Airport USMU NUX
Noyabrsk Domestic Noyabrsk Airport USRO NOJ
Okhotsk Domestic Okhotsk Airport OHO
Omsk Domestic Tsentralny Airport UNOO OMS
Orenburg Domestic Orenburg Tsentralny Airport UWOO REN
Orsk Domestic Orsk Airport UWOR OSW
Pechora Domestic Pechora Airport UUYP PEX
Penza Domestic Penza Airport UWPP PEZ
Perm Domestic Bolshoye Savino Airport USPP PEE
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Domestic Yelizovo Airport UHPP PKC
Petrozavodsk Domestic Besovets Airport ULPB PES
Plesetsk Domestic Plestsy Airport
Pskov Domestic Pskov Airport ULOO PKV
Raduzhny Domestic Vareghan West Airport
Rostov on Don Domestic Rostov-on-Don Airport URRR ROV
Saint Petersburg Domestic Pulkovo Airport ULLI LED
Saint Petersburg Domestic Rzhevka Airport ULSS
Salekhard Domestic Salekhard Airport USDD SLY
Samara Domestic Samara Kurumoch Airport UWWW KUF
Saratov Domestic Saratov Tsentralny Airport UWSS RTW
Sochi International Sochi International Airport URSS AER
Solovetsky Islands Domestic Solovki Airport ULAS CSH
Stavropol Domestic Shpakovskoye Airport URMT STW
Surgut Domestic Surgut Airport USRR SGC
Syktyvkar Domestic Syktyvkar Airport UUYY SCW
Syktyvkar Domestic Syktyvkar Southwest
Tiksi Domestic Tiksi Airport UEST IKS
Tyumen Domestic Plekhanova Airport USTL
Tyumen Domestic Roschino Airport USTR TJM
Ufa Domestic Ufa Airport UWUU UFA
Ukhta Domestic Ukhta Airport UUYH UCT
Ulan-Ude Domestic Ulan-Ude Airport UIUU UUD
Ulan-Ude Domestic Ulan-Ude Vostochny Airport
Ulyanovsk Domestic Ulyanovsk Baratayevka Airport UWLL
Ulyanovsk Domestic Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport UWLW ULY
Uray Domestic Uray Airport USHU URJ
Usinsk Domestic Usinsk Airport UUYS USK
Vladikavkaz Domestic Beslan Airport URMO OGZ
Vladivostok International Vladivostok International Airport UHWW VVO
Volgograd Domestic Gumrak Airport URWW VOG
Vorkuta Domestic Vorkuta Airport
Voronezh Domestic Chertovitskoye Airport UUOO VOZ
Yakutsk Domestic Yakutsk Airport UEEE YKS
Yekaterinburg International Koltsovo International Airport USSS SVX
Yekaterinburg Domestic Yekaterinburg Aramil Airport USSK
Yeniseysk Domestic Yeniseysk Airport UNII EIE
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Domestic Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport UHSS UUS