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Serbia Airport Locator

Serbia Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Belgrade, Airports in Bela Crkva, Airports in Surcin, Airports in Pristina, Airports in Valjevo, Airports in Knjazevac, Airports in Stara Pazova, Airports in Nis, Airports in Subotica, Airports in Para?in

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
Bela Crkva Domestic Bela Crkva Airport LYCC
Belgrade International Nikola Tesla International Airport LYBE BEG
Belgrade Domestic Lisicji Jarak Airport LYBJ
Belgrade Domestic International AFTN Center Airport LYYY
Belgrade Domestic Belgrade City Airport LYBB
Belgrade Domestic Belgrade Air Ministry Airport LYBN
Belgrade Domestic Belgrade ACC Airport LYBA
Bor Domestic Bor Airport LY89
cacak-Preljina Domestic cacak-Preljina Airport
Kikinda Domestic Kikinda Airport LYKI
Knjazevac Domestic Knjazevac Airport
Kostolac Domestic Kostolac Airport LYKO
Kraljevo Domestic Kraljevo Sport Airport LYKA
Krusevac Domestic Krusevac Airport LYKS
Leskovac Domestic Leskovac Airport LYLE
Nis International Nis Constantine the Great Airport LYNI INI
Novi Sad Domestic Novi Sad Airport LYNS QND
Pancevo Domestic Pancevo Airport LYPA QBG
Para?in Domestic Para?in Airport LYPN
Pozarevac Domestic Pozarevac Airport ZZP
Pristina International Pristina International Airport LYPR PRN
Smederevo Domestic Smederevo Airport LYSD
Smederevska Palanka Domestic Smederevska Palanka Airport LYSP
Sremska Mitrovica Domestic Sremska Mitrovica Airport LYSM
Stara Pazova Domestic Stara Pazova Airport
Subotica Domestic Subotica Airport LYSU
Surcin Domestic Progar Airport
Trstenik Domestic Trstenik Airport LYTR
Valjevo Domestic Valjevo Airport LYVA QWV
Vrsac International Vrsac Airport LYVR
Zemun Domestic Zemun Polje Airport
Zrenjanin Domestic Zrenjanin Airport LYZR