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Sudan Airport Locator

Sudan Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Khartoum, Airports in Kago Kaju, Airports in Sennar, Airports in Pibor, Airports in Malakal, Airports in Yei, Airports in New Halfa, Airports in El Obeid (Al-Ubayyi), Airports in Renk, Airports in En Nahud

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
Akobo Domestic Akobo Airport HSAK
Atbara (Atbara) Domestic Atbara Airport HSAT ATB
Aweil (Uway) Domestic Aweil Airport HSAW
Bentu Domestic Bentu Airport HSBT
Bor Domestic Bor Airport HSBR
Carthago Domestic Carthago Airport HSCG
Damazin (Ad Damazi) Domestic Damazin Airport HSDZ
Dilling Domestic Dilling Airport HSDL
Dinder Domestic Galegu Airport HSGG DNX
Dongola (Dunqula) Domestic Dongola Airport HSDN DOG
El Daein (El Dei) Domestic El Daein Airport
El Debba (Al-Dabba) Domestic El Debba Airport HSDB EDB
El Fasher (Al-Fashi) Domestic El Fasher Airport HSFS ELF
El Obeid (Al-Ubayyi) Domestic El Obeid Airport HSOB EBD
En Nahud Domestic En Nahud Airport HSNH NUD
Gedaref (Al-Qadari) Domestic Gedaref Airport HSGF GSU
Geneina (Al-Junayna) Domestic Geneina Airport HSGN EGN
Gogrial (Qaqriya) Domestic Gogrial Airport HSGO
Juba Domestic Juba Airport HSSJ JUB
Kadugli (Kaduql) Domestic Kadugli Airport HSLI
Kago Kaju Domestic Kago Kaju Airport HSKJ
Kapoeta Domestic Kapoeta Airport HSKP
Kassala Domestic Kassala Airport HSKA KSL
Khartoum International Khartoum International Airport HSSS KRT
Khasm El Girba Domestic Khasm El Girba Airport HSKG GBU
Kosti Domestic Rabak Airport HSKI KST
Malakal Domestic Malakal Airport HSSM MAK
Maridi Domestic Maridi Airport HSMD
Merowe Domestic Merowe Airport HSMR MWE
New Halfa Domestic New Halfa Airport HSNW NHF
Nimuli Domestic Nimuli Airport HSNM
Nyala Domestic Nyala Airport HSNL UYL
Pachella Domestic Pachella Airport HSPA
Pibor Domestic Pibor Airport HSPI
Port Sudan International Port Sudan New International Airport HSPN PZU
Raga Domestic Raga Airport HSRJ
Renk Domestic Renk Airport HSRN
Rumbek Domestic Rumbek Airport HSMK
Sennar Domestic Sennar Airport HSNR
Shendi Domestic Shendi Airport HSND
Tong Domestic Tong Airport HSTO
Torit Domestic Torit Airport HSTR
Tumbura Domestic Tumbura Airport HSTU
Wad Medani (Wad Madan) Domestic Wad Medani Airport HSWD DNI
Wadi Halfa Domestic Wadi Halfa Airport HSSW WHF
Wau Domestic Wau Airport HSWW WUU
Yambio Domestic Yambio Airport HSYA
Yei Domestic Yei Airport HSYE
Yirol Domestic Yirol Airport HSYL
Zalingei Domestic Zalingei Airport HSZA