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Sweden Airport Locator

Sweden Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Hagfors, Airports in Katrineholm, Airports in Kristianstad, Airports in Vidsel, Airports in Lulea, Airports in Jonkoping, Airports in Eksharad, Airports in Oskarshamn, Airports in Sovdeborg, Airports in Vellinge

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
Alingsas Domestic Alingsas Airport ESGI
alleberg Domestic alleberg Airport ESGC
almhult Domestic Mockeln Airport ESMU
alvsbyn Domestic alvsbyn Airport ESUV
amsele Domestic amsele Air Base ESUA
Anderstorp Domestic Anderstorp Airport ESMP
ange Domestic Talje Airport ESUJ
angelholm / Helsingborg Domestic angelholm-Helsingborg Airport ESTA AGH
Arboga Domestic Arboga Airport ESQO
Arbra Domestic Arbra Airport ESUB
Arvidsjaur Domestic Arvidsjaur Airport ESNX AJR
Arvika Domestic Arvika-Westlanda Airport ESKV
asele Domestic asele Airport ESUS
Avesta Domestic Avesta Airport ESVA
Berga Domestic Berga Airport ESQP
Bjorkvik Domestic Bjorkvik Air Base ESKX
Boden Domestic Boden Army Air Base (close) ESPG
Boras Domestic Viared Airport ESGE
Borglanda Domestic Borglanda Airport ESMB
Borlange Domestic Borlange Airport ESSD BLE
Brattforsheden Domestic Brattforsheden Airport ESSM
Bunge Domestic Bunge Airport ESVB
Byholma Domestic Byholma Air Base ESFY
Dala-Jarna Domestic Dala-Jarna Airport ESKD
Edsbyn Domestic Edsbyn Airport ESUY
Eksharad Domestic Eksharad Airport ESKH
Eksjo Domestic Ranneslatt Airport ESMC
Emmaboda Domestic Emmaboda Airport ESMA
Eskilstuna Domestic Ekeby Airport ESSC
Eskilstuna Domestic Eskilstuna Airport ESSU EKT
Eslov Domestic Eslov Airport ESME
Fagerhult Domestic Fagerhult Airport ESMF
Falkenberg Domestic Morup Airport ESGF
Falkoping Domestic Falkoping Airport ESGK
Fallfors Domestic Fallfors Air Base ESUF
Farila Domestic Farila Air Base ESNF
Fjallbacka Domestic Fjallbacka Airport ESTF
Gagnef Domestic Gagnef Airport ESVG
Gallivare Domestic Gallivare Airport ESNG GEV
Gargnas Domestic Gargnas Airport ESUG
Gavle / Sandviken Domestic Gavle-Sandviken Airport ESSK GVX
Gimo Domestic Gimo Air Base ESKA
Goteborg Domestic Goteborg-Landvetter Airport ESGG GOT
Goteborg Domestic Goteborg City Airport (Sav) ESGP GSE
Gotene Domestic Brannebrona Airport ESGN
Gronhogen Domestic Gronhogen Airport ESTG
Gryttjom Domestic Gryttjom Airport ESKG
Hagfors Domestic Hagfors Airport ESOH HFS
Hagshult Domestic Hagshult Air Base ESMV
Hallefors Domestic Hallefors Airport ESVH
Hallviken Domestic Hallviken Airport ESNA
Halmstad Domestic Halmstad Airport ESMT HAD
Harnosand Domestic Myran Airport ESUH
Hassleholm Domestic Bokeberg Airport ESFA
Hassleholm Domestic Vankiva Airport ESMD
Hasslosa Domestic Hasslosa Air Base ESFH
Hede Domestic Hedlanda Airport ESNC
Heden Domestic Heden Air Base ESPJ
Hemavan Domestic Hemavan Airport ESUT HMV
Herrljunga Domestic Herrljunga Airport ESGH
Hoganas Domestic Hoganas Airport ESMH
Hudiksvall Domestic Hudiksvall Airport ESNH HUV
Hultsfred / Vimmerby Domestic Hultsfred-Vimmerby Airport ESSF HLF
Idre Domestic Idre Airport ESUE IDB
Jokkmokk Domestic Jokkmokk Air Base ESNJ
Jonkoping Domestic Jonkoping Airport ESGJ JKG
Kagerod Domestic Kagerod Airport ESMJ
Kalixfors Domestic Kalixfors Army Air Base ESUK
Kalmar Domestic Kalmar Airport ESMQ KLR
Karlsborg Domestic Karlsborg Air Base ESIA
Karlskoga Domestic Karlskoga Airport ESKK KSK
Karlstad Domestic Karlstad Airport ESOK KSD
Katrineholm Domestic Katrineholm Airport ESVK
Kiruna Domestic Kiruna Airport ESNQ KRN
Knislinge Domestic Knislinge Air Base ESFI
Koping Domestic Koping Airport ESVQ
Kosta Domestic Kosta Air Base ESFQ
Kramfors / Solleftea Domestic Kramfors-Solleftea Airport ESNK KRF
Kristianstad Domestic Kristianstad Airport ESMK KID
Kubbe Domestic Kubbe Air Base ESNI
Landskrona Domestic Landskrona Airport ESML
Laxa Domestic Laxa Airport ESSH
Lidkoping Domestic Malmen Air Base ESCF
Lidkoping Domestic Lidkoping-Hodby Airport ESGL LDK
Linkoping Domestic Linkoping-Saab Airport ESSL LPI
Ljungby Domestic Feringe Airport ESMG
Ljungbyhed Domestic Ljungbyhed Airport ESTL
Ljusdal Domestic Ljusdal Airport ESUL
Ludvika Domestic Ludvika Airport ESSG
Lulea Domestic Lulea Airport (Kallax Air Bas) ESPA LLA
Lund Domestic Lund Airport ESMN
Lycksele Domestic Lycksele Airport ESNL LYC
Malmo Domestic Malmo-Sturup Airport ESMS MMX
Malung Domestic Skinnlanda Airport ESVM
Mellansel Domestic Mellansel Airport ESUI
Mohed Domestic Mohed Airport ESUM
Moholm Domestic Moholm Air Base ESFM
Mora Domestic Mora-Siljan Airport ESKM MXX
Munkfors Domestic Munkfors Airport ESKO
Norrkoping Domestic Bravalla Air Base ESCK
Norrkoping Domestic Norrkoping Airport ESSP NRK
Norrtalje Domestic Norrtalje Airport ESSN
olanda Domestic olanda Airport ESMZ
Optand Domestic Optand Airport ESNM
orebro Domestic orebro Airport ESOE ORB
oresten Domestic oresten Airport ESGM
ornskoldsvik Domestic ornskoldsvik Airport ESNO OER
Orsa Domestic Orsa Airport ESNR
Oskarshamn Domestic Oskarshamn Airport ESMO OSK
ostersund Domestic ostersund Airport (F Froson Air Bas) ESNZ OSD
overkalix Domestic overkalix Airport ESNE
Oviken Domestic Oviken Airport ESUO
Pajala Domestic Pajala Airport ESUP PJA
Pitea Domestic Pitea Airport ESNP
Rada Domestic Rada Air Base ESFR
Ramsele Domestic Ramsele Airport ESUR
Ronneby Domestic Ronneby Airport () ESDF RNB
Saffle Domestic Saffle Airport ESGY
Sandvik Domestic Sandvik Airport ESFS
Satenas Domestic Satenas Air Base ESIB
Sattna Domestic Sattna Air Base ESNT
Siljansnas Domestic Siljansnas Airport ESVS
Sjobo Domestic Sjobo Air Base ESFJ
Skelleftea Domestic Skelleftea Airport ESNS SFT
Skovde Domestic Skovde Airport ESGR KVB
Smalandsstenar Domestic Smalandsstenar Airport ESMY
Soderhamn Domestic Soderhamn Airport ESNY SOO
Solleftea Domestic Solleftea Airport ESNB
Sovdeborg Domestic Sovdeborg Airport ESMI
Stockholm Domestic Tullinge Airport (close) ESCN
Stockholm Domestic Barkarby Airport ESKB
Stockholm Domestic Stockholm-Arlanda Airport ESSA ARN
Stockholm Domestic Stockholm-Bromma Airport ESSB BMA
Stockholm Domestic Ska-Edeby Airport ESSE
Stockholm / Nykoping Domestic Stockholm-Skavsta Airport ESKN NYO
Stockholm / Vasteras Domestic Stockholm-Vasteras Airport (Hassl) ESOW VST
Storuman Domestic Storuman Airport ESUD SQO
Storvik Domestic Lemstanas Airport ESOL
Strangnas Domestic Strangnas Air Base ESKS
Stromstad Domestic Nasinge Airport ESGS
Sundbro Domestic Sundbro Airport ESKC
Sundsvall / Harnosand Domestic Sundsvall-Harnosand Airport ESNN SDL
Sunne Domestic Sunne Airport ESKU
Sveg Domestic Sveg Airport ESND EVG
Tidaholm Domestic Bammelshed Airport ESGD
Tierp Domestic Tierp Airport ESKT
Tingsryd Domestic Tingsryd Airport (close) ESMW
Tomelilla Domestic Tomelilla Airport ESTO
Torsby Domestic Torsby Airport (Fryklanda Airport) ESST TYF
Trelleborg Domestic Trelleborg Airport (Maglarp Airport) ESMR
Trollhattan / Vanersborg Domestic Trollhattan-Vanersborg Airport ESGT THN
Uddevalla Domestic Backamo Airport ESGA
Uddevalla Domestic Rorkarr Airport ESGU
Umea Domestic Umea Airport ESNU UME
Uppsala Domestic Uppsala Airport / arna Air Base () ESCM
Vangso Domestic Vangso Airport ESSZ
Varberg Domestic Varberg Airport ESGV
Vasteras Domestic Johannisberg Airport ESSX
Vastervik Domestic Vastervik Airport ESSW VVK
Vaxjo Domestic Urasa Air Base ESFU
Vaxjo Domestic Vaxjo Airport (Kronoberg Airport) ESMX VXO
Vellinge Domestic Vellinge Airport ESTT
Vidsel Domestic Vidsel Air Base ESPE
Vilhelmina Domestic Vilhelmina Airport ESNV VHM
Visby Domestic Visby Airport ESSV VBY
Visingso Domestic Visingso Airport ESSI