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Tanzania Airport Locator

Tanzania Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Tabora, Airports in Njombe, Airports in Mwanza, Airports in Masasi, Airports in Shinyanga, Airports in Iringa, Airports in Sumbawanga, Airports in Mpanda, Airports in Urambo, Airports in Tanga

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
Arusha Domestic Arusha Airport HTAR ARK
Bukoba Domestic Bukoba Airport HTBU BKZ
Chunya Domestic Chunya Airport HTCH
Dar es Salaam International Julius Nyerere International Airport HTDA DAR
Dodoma Domestic Dodoma Airport HTDO DOD
Iringa Domestic Iringa Airport HTIR IRI
Kigoma Domestic Kigoma Airport HTKA TKQ
Kilimatinde Domestic Kilimatinde Airport HTKT
Kilwa Masoko Domestic Kilwa Masoko Airport HTKI KIY
Kongwa Domestic Kongwa Airport HTKO
Lake Manyara Domestic Lake Manyara Airport HTLM LKY
Lindi Domestic Lindi Kikwetu Airport HTLI LDI
Mafia Domestic Mafia Airport HTLM MFA
Mafinga Domestic Mafinga Airport HTSH
Masasi Domestic Masasi Airport HTMI XMI
Mbeya Domestic Mbeya Airport HTMB MBI
Mombo Domestic Mombo Airport HTMO
Morogoro Domestic Morogoro Airport HTMG
Moshi Domestic Moshi Airport HTMS QSI
Mount Kilimanjaro International Kilimanjaro International Airport HTKJ JRO
Mpanda Domestic Mpanda Airport HTMP
Mpwapwa Domestic Mpwapwa Airport HTMX
Mtwara Domestic Mtwara Airport HTMT MYW
Musoma Domestic Musoma Airport HTMU MUZ
Mwadui Domestic Mwadui Airport HTMD MWN
Mwanza Domestic Mwanza Airport HTMD MWZ
Nachingwea Domestic Nachingwea Airport HTNA NCH
Ngara Domestic Ngara Airport HTNR
Njombe Domestic Njombe Airport HTNJ JOM
Pemba Domestic Pemba Airport HTPE PMA
Same Domestic Same Airport HTSE
Seronera Domestic Seronera Airport HTSN SEU
Shinyanga Domestic Shinyanga Airport HTSY SHY
Singida Domestic Singida Airport HTSD
Songea Domestic Songea Airport HTSO SGX
Sumbawanga Domestic Sumbawanga Airport HTSU SUT
Tabora Domestic Tabora Airport HTTB TBO
Tanga Domestic Tanga Airport HTTG TGT
Tunduru Domestic Tunduru Airport HTTU
Urambo Domestic Urambo Airport HTUR
West Kilimanjaro Domestic West Kilimanjaro Airport HTWK
Zanzibar International Zanzibar International Airport HTZA ZNZ