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Turkey Airport Locator

Turkey Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Tekirdag, Airports in Konya, Airports in Gaziantep, Airports in Bal?kesir, Airports in Isparta, Airports in Diyarbak?r, Airports in Mus, Airports in Istanbul, Airports in Bursa, Airports in Samsun

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
?zmir Domestic ?zmir Adnan Menderes Airport LTBJ ADB
Ad?yaman Domestic Ad?yaman Airport LTCP ADF
Adana Domestic Adana sakirpasa Airport LTAF ADA
Afyon Domestic Afyon Airport LTAH AFY
Agr? Domestic Agr? Airport LTCO AJI
Amasya Domestic Amasya Merzifon Airport LTAP MZH
Ankara International Esenboga International Airport LTAC ESB
Antalya Domestic Antalya Gazipasa Airport LTGP
Antalya Domestic Antalya Airport LTAI AYT
Bal?kesir Domestic Edremit Korfez Airport (Bal?kesir Korfez Airport) LTFD EDO
Bal?kesir Domestic Bal?kesir Airport LTBF BZI
Band?rma Domestic Band?rma Airport LTBG BDM
Batman Domestic Batman Airport LTCJ BAL
Bursa Domestic Yenisehir Airport LTBR YEI
canakkale Domestic canakkale Airport LTBH CKZ
Denizli Domestic Denizli cardak Airport LTAY DNZ
Diyarbak?r Domestic Diyarbak?r Airport LTCC DIY
Elaz?g Domestic Elaz?g Airport LTCA EZS
Erzincan Domestic Erzincan Airport LTCD ERC
Erzurum Domestic Erzurum Airport LTCE ERZ
Eskisehir Domestic Eskisehir Airport LTBI ESK
Eskisehir Domestic Eskisehir Anadolu Airport LTBY AOE
Gaziantep Domestic Gaziantep Oguzeli Airport LTAJ GZT
Hatay Domestic Hatay Airport LTAK HTY
Isparta Domestic Isparta Suleyman Demirel Airport LTFC ISE
Istanbul International Sabiha Gokcen International Airport LTFJ SAW
Istanbul International Ataturk International Airport LTBA IST
Kahramanmaras Domestic Kahramanmaras Airport LTCN KCM
Kars Domestic Kars Airport LTCF KSY
Kastamonu Domestic Kastamonu Airport LTAL KFS
Kayseri Domestic Kayseri Erkilet Airport LTAU ASR
Konya Domestic Konya Airport LTAN KYA
Malatya Domestic Malatya Erhac Airport LTAT MLX
Mardin Domestic Mardin Airport LTCR MQM
Mugla Domestic Milas-Bodrum Airport LTFE BJV
Mugla Domestic Dalaman Airport LTBS DLM
Mus Domestic Mus Airport LTCK MSR
Nevsehir Domestic Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport LTAZ NAV
Samsun Domestic Samsun-carsamba Airport LTFH SZF
sanl?urfa Domestic sanl?urfa Airport LTCH SFQ
Siirt Domestic Siirt Airport LTCL SXZ
Sinop Domestic Sinop Airport LTCM SIC
Sivas Domestic Sivas Airport LTAR VAS
Tekirdag Domestic Tekirdag corlu Airport LTBU TEQ
Tokat Domestic Tokat Airport LTAW TJK
Trabzon Domestic Trabzon Airport LTCG TZX
Usak Domestic Usak Airport LTBO USQ
Van Domestic Van Ferit Melen Airport LTCI VAN
Zonguldak Domestic Zonguldak Airport LTAS ONQ