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Uganda Airport Locator

Uganda Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Tororo, Airports in Kabalega Falls, Airports in Moroto, Airports in Masindi, Airports in Arua, Airports in Gulu, Airports in Pakuba, Airports in Jinja, Airports in Soroti, Airports in Entebbe

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
Arua Domestic Arua Airport HUAR RUA
Entebbe International Entebbe International Airport HUEN EBB
Gulu Domestic Gulu Airport HUGU ULU
Jinja Domestic Jinja Airport HUJI JIN
Kabalega Falls Domestic Kabalega Falls Airport HUKF KBG
Kampala Domestic Kampala Airport HUKC KLA
Kampala Domestic Kampala Airport HUKC KLA
Kasese Domestic Kasese Airport HUKS KSE
Lira Domestic Lira Airport HULI
Masindi Domestic Masindi Airport HUMI KCU
Mbarara Domestic Mbarara Airport HUMA MBQ
Moroto Domestic Moroto Airport HUMO
Moyo Domestic Moyo Airport OYG
Pakuba Domestic Pakuba Airport HUPA PAF
Soroti Domestic Soroti Airport HUSO SRT
Tororo Domestic Tororo Airport HUTO TRY