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Yemen Airport Locator

Yemen Airport Locator showing Airports in all major cities and states. Find the list of airports with their ICAO and IATA Codes in popular cities such as Airports in Marib, Airports in Al-Hazm, Airports in Ataq, Airports in Hodeida, Airports in Aden, Airports in Al Bayda', Airports in Sana?a, Airports in Socotra, Airports in Mukeiras, Airports in Kamaran

Location Airport type Airport name ICAO Code IATA Code
Abbs Domestic Abbs Airport OYAB EAB
Aden International Aden International Airport OYAA ADE
Al Bayda' Domestic Al-Bayda Airport OYBI
Al-Bough Domestic Al-Bough Airport OYBQ BUK
Al-Ghaydah Domestic Al Ghaydah Airport OYGD AAY
Al-Hazm Domestic Al-Hazm Airport OYZM
Ataq Domestic Ataq Airport OYAT AXK
Beihan Domestic Beihan Airport OYBN BHN
Hodeida International Hodeida International Airport OYHD HOD
Kamaran Domestic Kamaran Airport OYKM
Marib Domestic Marib Airport OYMB MYN
Mukalla Domestic Riyan Airport OYRN RIY
Mukeiras Domestic Mukeiras Airport OYMK UKR
Qishn Domestic Qishn Airport OYQN IHN
Saadah Domestic Saadah Airport OYSH SYE
Sana?a International Sana'a International Airport OYSN SAH
Sayun Domestic Sayun Airport OYSY GFX
Socotra Domestic Socotra Airport OYSQ SCT
Taiz International Ta'izz International Airport OYTZ TAI